How to recalculate ETA

Recalculate ETA button added on iOS and Android

For those transporting a patient to the hospital, a “Recalculate” button appears next to the ETA to help EMS ensure a more accurate ETA. 

Note: The Recalculate ETA button will only be available for users on Pulsara Version 32 or higher. 

How Recalculate ETA works

EMS users can tap “recalculate” to update the ETA for a patient channel based on the geolocation of the device on which the Pulsara application is being used in relation to the destination hospital. 

Note: The recalculate button is available to be updated every 30 seconds from the last ETA update. 

Viewing ETA Recalculate from a user’s activity log

When a user recalculates ETA, a log of the activity is recorded as the user’s activity log with the following information: Destination, Device coordinates (Latitude, Longitude), Distance to destination, and ETA. 

For more information on activity log data, view our knowledge base article on Pulsara Case and Log Data.