What should I consider when deploying Pulsara with a MDM?

A summary of all things required when deploying Pulsara in an MDM environment.

The Pulsara application is available for free in the iTunes and Google Play stores respectively. As such, various MDM solutions, such as Airwatch, can install the Pulsara application out of the app stores, and run the application inside of the MDM constraints.

*Pulsara does not support or test any specific MDM solution

For a successful implementation, you will want to fully test the following features:

PUSH ALERTS: Push alerts are utilized with both iOS and Android devices to send notifications to members of the hospital and EMS teams for all cases. These will be used to notify users of new incoming cases, changes, diagnostic tests' availability, etc.

PHONE CALL: The Pulsara application includes functionality to launch the device's phone dialer with physician and other team members' contact numbers pre-populated. While the app will not dial the call for the user, it is important that the phone is able to be used for pertinent patient-related conversations between providers. (Obviously this is not the case with tablet devices)

LOCATION SERVICES: Pulsara takes advantage of the devices GPS location in order to calculate Estimated Time of Arrival for inbound EMS cases based on where the ambulance is physically located. While this is not a requirement for the app to run, it is a feature that keeps the EMS providers from having to manually input that information, which IS required.

CAMERA ACCESS: The camera is utilized to capture images of ECGs and other pertinent information needed for both STEMI and Stoke cases. These images are NOT stored physically on the devices and can only be accessed via the Pulsara application.

MICROPHONE ACCESS: Within Pulsara, the microphone can be used for creating Audio Clips. These clips are not physically stored on the device and can only be accessed via the Pulsara application.

AUTOMATIC APP UPDATE: From time to time Pulsara releases a new version of the app that is a required update in order to fix customer facing bugs, implement new features, etc. While all version updates are not required, we do recommend that all end users are always using the most up to date version of the Pulsara app.

With this, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our help desk.


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