Unit Configuration Pulsara MANAGER

Pulsara allows EMS/Ambulance personnel to specify their unit number and associated phone number at the start of their shift. This allows hospital users to easily see the EMS Unit for each inbound patient and quickly tap the phone button to call the unit when needed.

As an admin, you can configure the list of EMS units available at your EMS Agency. This article will show you how to configure the list of EMS units for your EMS/Ambulance Agency in Pulsara MANAGER.

Under the EMS tab on the left side menu, locate and select Units.

Click the blue +EMS Units button at the top right corner of the units page

Creating a new unit only requires you to add the unit name. The contact phone number for that unit will be added by staff assigning themselves to the unit for their shift since contact numbers can vary from person to person. Admins can view this phone number after the crew post it, but cannot edit it.

After entering the unit name, click the blue Save EMS Unit button in the top right corner.