Team Screen

Within the Teams screen, a green checkmark will appear beside a team member's name as soon as they acknowledge their alert.

If the team member has been sent an alert but has not acknowledged the alert, an hourglass icon will appear next to their name.

If there is a yellow bell icon, the user has either

  1. Individually silenced alerts for this patient 
  2. Logged out of Pulsara Mobile (this silences all existing patient channels)
  3. Has turned off or not allowed notifications for Pulsara in the device settings
  4. Is only using Pulsara HQ and is not signed into Pulsara on a computer

If the bell icon remains after confirming the user has alerts enabled, there may be a technical support issue. In that case, we recommend contacting your Pulsara Customer Support Team at

To see the alert statuses of users at additional facilities, tap the name of other facilities to see their statuses.



To view team member acknowledgment in Pulsara Web, open to patient details and click the Team tab.



If additional team members need to be added to the patient channel, review how to Add Members to a Patient Channel.