Scan Wristbands

Scan a barcode to find, create or add to the patient channel

The Statewide Wristband field will allow organizations to match and track patients using data outside of the Pulsara platform.

The Pulsara mobile app can scan a wristband barcode to rapidly and accurately save this value in the Patient Channel or find an existing patient with a matching value.

All entities involved in a patient channel will see/share the same value, allowing the patient’s wristband value to follow them during transport and treatment.

The field information will be visible to anyone in the care team, across all entities.

Using a mobile device with the Pulsara mobile app, the wristband value can be scanned from the Scan button on the Patient List screen

Scan to start a new patient channel, find an existing patient within an organization, or add a additional organization to an existing patient channel 

Scan to Find

From the patient list, start by scanning a barcode. If a matching patient channel is found, it is displayed. Watch the animation below for details.

Scan to Create

If a matching patient channel is not found, the New Patient screen is displayed with the scanned ID already filled in. Optionally scan the patient’s driver’s license to quickly fill in required fields to create a new patient channel. Watch the animation below for more details.

Scan to Add

If an entity is not already on the channel, scan to be added to the care team and begin receiving alerts about this patient.

Editing/Adding the Wristband Value 

The ID value can also be scanned or manually entered after a Patient Channel has been created.

Tap the Edit button.

Use the scan button on the right side of the field, or manually enter the number, then tap Save in the upper right corner.