Log In to Mobile with Admin Credentials

Are you wanting to log in to the mobile app with your admin. account? You'll need to put two things in place first...

PIN and Team Assignment

Pulsara now offers the ability for Hospital Admins to use the mobile app without having to create a second user account. Before you will be able to successfully log in to the mobile interface with your Admin credentials, you'll need to set your PIN, and you'll need to be assigned to at least one team. Let's work through how to accomplish this.

Setting your initial PIN

Pulsara allows you to remain logged in to the mobile app for a predetermined amount of time by accessing the application with a 4-digit PIN; Username and password are not required each time you turn off your phone or open a different app. PIN entry can save you precious moments while you are on a shift and need to access your mobile app promptly.  

All end users create a PIN during account creation, and admin. users who sign up after Server 97 (November 2019) will also create their PIN during account creation. If you are an admin. and created your account prior to Server 97, you must establish a PIN prior to logging in to mobile with your admin credentials. If you attempt to log in to the mobile app with your admin. credentials without creating your PIN first, you will receive an error message. 

Set your PIN by logging in to the Admin Dashboard, then go to the left side menu to the Users tab, then click Manage Users. Locate your own profile and click the pencil icon at the top right corner of your profile info to edit your profile. A few lines down, you will see a "PIN:" field where you can set your PIN.


KB 20191119 Hospital Admin User Set PIN Screenshot02

Team Assignment

In order to use the Pulsara mobile app, you also need to be assigned to at least one team at your hospital. Attempting to log in to the mobile app without being assigned to one or more teams will generate a warning in the app. Return to the Admin Dashboard and edit your Admin user profile to include an assignment of at least one team.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Admin profile and select the "Update Teams" button. Scroll down again and check the boxes for the teams that need to be assigned to the Admin profile. Finally, just before the "Assign Teams" section, click the (now) blue "Save Teams" button.


Add Teams Animation

Save your changes

Now that you have set your PIN and team assignment, you need to save all profile changes. Just above the "Update Teams" section, click the blue Update Details button to save your changes.


KB 20191119 Add Teams Screenshot05

You're good to go!

With your PIN and team assignment, you are now ready to log in to the Pulsara mobile app.