Pulsara Patient Application Setup Instructions

In order to use Pulsara Patient, you must utilize a supported device, have access to iTunes or Google Play store and be familiar with other video applications like FaceTime.

 Step by Step Instructions

  1. Once a Care Team member invites you to Pulsara, you will receive an invitation to download the Pulsara Patient App via text message.  Select the link for your OS Type (iOS or Android).
  2. Download and open the Pulsara Patient Application.

IMG_6359 (1)-1


3.  On your mobile device, find the Pulsara Patient Application.
4.  When you first open the Pulsara Patient Application, tap "Allow"  to allow notifications.



5.  Enter your phone number and tap "Send Code".

6.  Next, you will receive a text message with a verification code.

7.  Enter the verification code on the Pulsara Patient phone number validation screen and tap       

     "Verify Code".

Untitled (1)-2


8.  Tap "OK" on the following two prompts to allow the Pulsara Patient Application to access the device camera and microphone.  This is necessary to enable video calls with your care team.

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At Home Instructions:

It is important that your Care Team be able to contact you.   

How do I answer a Pulsara Call?

If your device is locked, your phone will ring and the screen below will appear. 

Slide the “slide to answer” arrow to the right. 

After answering the call, the caller’s voice will come out of your phone’s speaker.  

Pulsara Patient

By default, Video will be off. Tap the Video icon to turn on video.

Hold the phone so that the camera shows your face.


If your device is unlocked, you will tap the "Accept" button to answer the video call. By default, this will launch the Pulsara Call with video on.



With Video on, you will see and hear your Care Team member and they will be able to see and hear you.

What do I do if the application has been closed or my phone has been restarted? 



No need to worry.  If you close the application or your phone has been restarted, you will still receive video call notifications from your Care Team.





If you need further assistance with the Pulsara Patient application, please contact your Healthcare Provider.