Patient List Configuration

Access to a list of all patients within an organization can be configured via individual user permission by an admin at the organization. 

Default Patient List access for Hospitals

By default, all hospital users and admins will have access to a list of all active or recently stopped patient channels. To view all patients at an organization in Pulsara MOBILE, navigate to the All patients tab. 

In Pulsara HQ, All patients will appear automatically. If the users want to restrict the patient list to display only patients to which they were assigned, they can select the My Patients filter.

Default Patient List for EMS

By default, all EMS users will be restricted to a list of active or recently stopped patient channels they created or were assigned to in. Admins will have access to all active or recently stopped patient channels associated with the agency.

EMS User on HQ without the visibility to all patients

EMS Admin in HQ with the permission to view all patients will see the My Patients filter. When this filter is off, the patient list shows all patients for the organization. When the filter is on, the list is filtered to show only the patient channels the current user is assigned to.

EMS User without the visibility to all patients on Pulsara MOBILE  - the All tab does not display

EMS User with the visibility to all patients on Pulsara MOBILE - the All tab does display

How to Update All Patient Access

To update a user to view All Patients, navigate to Pulsara MANAGER and login with an organization admin account, and click Manage Users.

Select the All Users radio button for a list of all users. 

In the search box, enter the name of the specific user whose patient access permissions need to be configured.

Select the specific user and click the pencil icon to edit details.

Scroll down and find the Can see all patients at my facility permission. 

Select the drop-down to change permissions. Once the desired permission has been selected, click update details.

NOTE: Admins are unable to update their own user permissions.