Patient Condition

How to add Patient Condition

Clearly identifying a patient’s condition is an important step to getting them the care they need.

A few highlights

  • Quickly add condition information to communicate important information to the care team 
  • Inform receiving facilities of patient condition before you arrive
  • Pair with Configurable IDs to scan triage tag barcodes. Contact Pulsara to learn more

Adding Patient Condition in Pulsara Mobile 

To add Patient Condition to a patient channel, tap the Add “FAB” (Floating Action Button)


Tap the Triage icon.

After tapping the Triage icon, the Triage card with Patient Condition will appear at the top of the patient channel 

To change the Patient’s Condition, green, yellow, red, and black condition tags will be available to choose from, in accordance with the industry standard for triage tags. 

Adding Patient Condition in Pulsara Web

To add Patient Condition from Pulsara Web, click the blue +Add button in the top right corner, then click Triage. 

Select the appropriate Condition and click Save.

If added previously, Patient Condition will be displayed in Pulsara Web above the patient case type and to the left of the patient information. 

To edit Patient Condition in Pulsara Web click on the down chevron on the existing Patient Condition. Select from the available green, yellow, red, and black condition tags.