Patient Channel Creation for Healthcare Facilities

Learn how to create a Patient Channel for Pulsara Hospital Users.

Creating a patient channel on the Pulsara communications platform is simple.



What is a Patient Channel?

A patient channel is your one-stop shop for all time-sensitive, patient-specific communication in Pulsara.

Depending on your role, you may be responsible for creating the patient channel.

Regardless of how the patient arrives at your facility, (EMS, Walk-In, or Inpatient) channels can be created and teams assembled. For many facilities, the bulk of cases will be created by their EMS partners.

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Start a Patient Channel

To start a patient channel from the Patient List, tap the New button.

Or, from anywhere in the Pulsara application, tap the navigation menu icon and then tap New Patient.

Choose the Method of Arrival

Select your patient’s Method Of Arrival.

The example below demonstrates creating a patient channel using the ED Patient Method of Arrival.

You will notice that each MOA has a unique field or fields specific to its arrival type. You can easily identify the required fields by their red background and caution triangle.

Enter the time the patient arrived in the  ED Arrival Time field.

If a driver’s license is available, tap the DL Scan button to scan a US Driver’s License with your device camera. This will populate the First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Age, and Gender.

If no license is available, enter the First and Last name.

Specify other information as available (MRN, demographics, vitals, etc.). To add Audio Clips, Contacts, ECGs, Labs Images, Labels, Vitals and Patient Condition tap the FAB in the lower right corner of the screen.

Pulsara allows for adding patient condition information via the Triage button. Click here to learn more.

Select the Patient Type.

Specifying the Chief Complaint is required before activating a General patient.

Tap Activate to alert the team and establish the communication channel.

We have now created the Patient Channel. You will be directed to the active screen for this new patient. On this screen, you can update or add information or follow updates made by other teammates.

Use the ECGs or Images button to add critical details to the patient channel for the entire care team.


To add additional information to the channel once the patient is created, tap the Add button in the lower right corner to add additional information to the patient channel, including Audio Clips, Contacts, ECGs, Flowchart Notes, Images, Labels,  Labs, Vitals and Patient Condition.


Create a patient channel for patients already at your facility

Tap the Inpatient method of arrival.

The steps are identical to creating an ED Patient Channel, with the exception of the ED Arrival Field, and in its place appears the Start Time field.


Create a Case on Behalf of EMS

A Pulsara patient channel can be started for EMS if they are unable to do so. For these cases, select Inbound EMS MOA and then the EMS agency that is transporting the patient, which will allow the crew to later add themselves to the patient channel. Note: The ability of EMS to be able to find this patient channel will be dependent on their user's permission to see all patients in Pulsara. (How to control patient list display)

If you have additional information to communicate to the care team that wasn’t captured in the required fields, you can add this information before or after activation.