Overview of HQ for EMS Users

What is HQ?

HQ is a browser-based command center that allows supervisors to monitor their units, view facility acknowledgment status, transport locations, and ETA. HQ also allows viewing a detailed summary of case details including images and ECGs and supports sending and receiving team messages to and from the entire care team.

How do I find HQ?

EMS users can find the shortcut to HQ in the Pulsara MANAGER menu if they have the account level permission set. Contact us to get started.

Navigating HQ

Pulsara HQ includes patient filtering and viewing/upgrade details all from one screen. This guide provides an overview of the major components of the patient dashboard.

At a glance, the patient type, initials or full name depending on configuration under the gear menu, age, gender, Unit, ETA, Destination and statuses can be seen for each patient. 

The chief complaint if notated and configured to be displayed will also be visible on this screen.

The View Patient Details button on each patient row contains the full details for a single patient (demographics, images, ECGs, audio clips, etc.)

From the patient details pane, you can modify patient details. To view or modify other patient information, select the appropriate patient panel icon. The details pane includes a button to display a Patient Summary Report. This can be viewed for a quick summary or printed for handoff to other teams who may not be using Pulsara.

Filter the Patient List

Patients can be filtered by assignment and case type.

Filters can be mixed and matched to find the exact results of patients you need. Only patients that match all active filters will be shown in the dashboard

Click the “CLEAR” option next to any filter to remove it. 

Collapse filters by clicking the filter category name to focus on the filters that are most important to you and reserve screen space for the most used filters. Click the category name again to reveal the filter options.

Searching Patients

Search for patients by name or organization. Searching for the patients name will display results even if only initials are shown on the patient list. 

Patient List

The Patient List will display all active patients that have been created by users at the agency.

Stopped patients without a destination hospital are visible in the list for 1 hour. 

If a destination hospital is selected, the patient will display for the length of time that the hospital has chosen to display stopped cases, up to 24 hours.