Message Template Creation (EMS)

When time is of the essence, precious seconds can be saved by utilizing Message Templates in Pulsara. Message Templates can be added to patient channel conversations in Pulsara MOBILE or HQ. 

To create a message template log into Pulsara MANAGER, click EMS in the left-side menu and then click "Message Templates”. 

Next, click "+ Template".

Select the patient type for this template message. Note: A template cannot be associated with more than one patient type. If a template is applicable for more than one, an individual template must be created for each patient type.

Give the template a title. This title is what will be displayed on the drop-down list from within the Pulsara Mobile app. 

Lastly, enter the message body that will be sent when a template is selected for use. 

Once all relevant information has been entered, click "Save". The template will now be available in Pulsara MOBILE and in HQ. 

From this screen, the template can be edited as needed.

Common EMS Message Templates



Advanced Airway

Patient is intubated/or another advanced airway inserted.

Cardiac Arrest

Patient has gone into cardiac arrest. CPR is in progress. Starting ACLS protocols.

Chest Pain Protocol

Patient has received ASA, NTG, O2, 12 lead, IV.


Use of CPAP in progress.

Critically Unstable Patient

Patient is critically unstable, being resuscitated. Please be prepared for critical patient.

Helicopter Transport

Patient is being transported by helicopter.

Security Assistance

Need security assistance at the ambulance upon arrival.

Transport Delay

Transport delayed due to traffic, weather, or mechanical issues.