Case Review & Management

Manage Cases is the place to go for anything case-related after the case has been stopped. Some of the things you can do:

    • Search for cases and view patient details
    • Edit patient data to fill in and/or correct information
    • Generate single case Pulsara Summary Reports 
    • Generate .csv exports for multiple case

    To search for cases in Pulsara MANAGER, navigate to Manage Cases under the Cases tab on the left. From the Manage Cases tab, there are two ways cases can be retrieved. 

    • A case search can be performed for a date range of up to 1 month
    • A case export can be initiated for a date range of up to 1 year

    Searching Cases in MANAGER

    Enter a date range (up to 1 month) and select the case type(s). If a selection is not made for a specific type, all types will be queried. Click the green Search button to return all cases that meet the filter criteria.

    From the results, you can click Modify Search to modify your search and search again. 

    Click the Gear button to clear all filters, export visible data as csv, or change the Columns that are visible in the search output.

    Tapping anywhere on the patient row or clicking the eye icon will take you to a page where you can view and/or edit the case details. Only cases that have been stopped may be edited.

    Viewing Patient Details

    At the top of the Patient Details screen, you have the ability to view images, ECGs, Audio Clips, Pulsara Calls, Team Messages, Flowchart - Notes, Labs, Vital Signs, Contacts, Team Alerts, Transfer/Consult Requests for this patient and logs associated with the case.

    When viewing case details, clicking the Edit button at the top will highlight all fields that can be edited. Only cases that have been stopped and are not currently active may be edited.

    Note: all edits made will be logged for auditing

    To save changes, click Save.

    Pulsara Calls

    To display Pulsara Calls click the Pulsara Calls Button

    This will bring you to the call log for the specific patient. The call log displays a listing of any Pulsara Calls that occurred for the current patient channel.

    To view call details and Pulsara Call records, select the View Call Details button (i.e. the “...” button)

    Note: The Pulsara Call button will be available in Manage Cases even if Video Calls or Recorded Calls have not been enabled for an organization.

    The call details panel lists all call participants and call times. To open recorded calls, select the Recordings button. 

    Note: All call details will show a Recordings button even if a recording was not completed for that specific call. 

    To play the recording select the row.

    Note: Call recordings are not available for instant playback. Recordings can take up to two times the duration of the recording itself to process and to appear in Manage Cases. For example, a ten-minute recording could take 10-20 minutes to appear. 

    When playing the recorded video you will have options to speed the recording up, adjust the volume up or down, and enlarge it to full screen. 

    Pulsara Summary Report

    To display case details in a summary report, click the Pulsara Summary Report button. 

    View or print the report as needed.

    To print/save the summary report, click on the Printer icon in the upper right of the report.

    A sample print preview in the Chrome web browser is pictured below.

    If a digital archive/export is desired, most web browsers offer a Save to PDF option from the File > Print menu.

    The Pulsara Summary Report can also be accessed from the search results page.

    After performing a search, click on the arrow icon on the right side of any patient row to open the Pulsara Summary Report.

    NOTE: PDF Export of single cases can be opened from the search results page if your organization has PDF Exports set to be visible.

    Exporting Cases

    To export data into a .csv file, enter a date range between 1 day up to 1 year and select the case type(s) you’d like to include.If a case type is not selected, all case types will be included. Click the blue Start Export button to initiate the export.

    A .csv file is generated that contains the relevant columns for the case types included in the search. Generating the export file isn’t always instantaneous, so we’ll send an email to the address associated with your admin account, with a link to the .csv file once the export is complete.

    After clicking the export link in the email, a download page appears in Pulsara MANAGER.