Label Creation in Pulsara MANAGER

A label is a way to add a tag to a patient channel that will remain relevant throughout the patient journey. Adding labels to a patient channel quickly communicates important information to everyone who encounters the patient. A few examples of labels are “COVID+” or “Isolation Required”. Pulsara admins have the ability to create patient labels in Pulsara MANAGER.

Creating Patient Labels in Pulsara MANAGER 

Hospital and EMS Admins can add labels by selecting Patient Labels in Pulsara MANAGER.

After opening up the Patient Labels tab, click + Label to create labels. 

When creating a Patient Label, enter in the name, select Type, and choose the label's Visibility. Once this is complete select save

To make a label available to any entity on the patient care team, select the Public Visibility setting. A public label will be visible by any team member at any entity involved with patient care.

To make a label available only to users at your entity, select the Private Visibility setting. When a team member from your entity adds a Private label, only users at your facility will be able to see that label.

After saving a label, it will be available to select from the “+Labels” button in Mobile or HQ. After a label has been saved, it is no longer editable. If a label needs to be changed after it has been saved, it will need to be deleted and a new label will need to be created.