Troubleshooting Alerts on iOS

How to configure iOS notification settings for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices.

Note: Apple Watch and other bluetooth connected devices, such as automobile audio systems, are not supported. It is our recommendation to turn off Apple Watch notifications for Pulsara. Review KBA for instructions on how to disable notifications. 


Step 1: Verify the following settings:

  • The Ring/Silence switch on the left side of your iOS device is set to Ring
  • Volume is turned up, and
  • Pulsara Call status is ON

Step 2: Navigate to your device settings and tap notifications -> Pulsara. Verify the following:

  • All alert toggles are set to on

Under Notifications make sure that Notifications are set to Allow and Banner Style is set to Persistent.

Step 3: Navigate back to the settings menu and tap Sounds & Haptics. Verify the following:

  • Alert volume slider is all the way to the right
  • The Change with Buttons toggle is set to On

With iPhones it can be helpful if you have Vibrate with Ring turned on by navigating to your phone settings -> Sounds & Haptics screen. 

Lastly, verify the volume is at max by pressing the hardware volume button on the left of the device.  You should see a visual indicator of device volume appear and press the up hardware button until this is at max.