Viewing Stopped Patients in Mobile History

The History Screen Supports:

  • Locating stopped Patient channels created up to 60 days ago
  • Viewing patient outcomes
  • Opening Patient Channels for placing Pulsara video calls from the Contacts screen
  • Analyzing post-discharge data to identify readmissions and other potential areas for improvement 
  • Long term treatment goals and plans

To access History, Tap the navigation menu icon in the upper right corner to open the Navigation Menu. 

Note: If the navigation menu icon is not available, navigate back to the Patient List.


Tap on History.


Tap on the timeframe and choose history as far back at 60 days to see all Patient history available for that time frame.


After searching patients by date range, open a Patient Channel to reference patient details, start a Pulsara PATIENT audio/video call, review post-discharge data, etc.

EMS Users:

  • See stopped patients that were created by their team (defined during each shift).
  • Filter by patients stopped within the past 7 days (the default setting), 15 days, 30 days, 45 days, and 60 days

Hospital Users:

  • View patients where the current user was part of the care team (i.e. received a primary alert about the patient) under "My Patients"
  • View patients where they were not part of the care team under "Other Patients". When a patient is opened under "Other Patients", a special activity log message will be created to indicate this occurred
  • For Facility users approved at multiple facilities, a Hospital field allows filtering stopping patients per facility. The field defaults to show stopped patients for "All Hospitals"