How to Scan a Driver’s License

  • Both EMS and Facility accounts can scan driver’s licenses from Pulsara MOBILE.
  • Only US Driver’s Licenses are currently supported.
    • On iOS, the Region must be set to "United States" under the Pulsara app Settings > General > Language & Region > Region.
    • On Android, the Region must be set to "United States", which is set from the gear icon on the Pulsara MOBILE login screen.
  • ​​The supported barcode format is PDF417 AAMVA.

To begin, Start a new Patient Channel or open an existing Patient Channel.

Scanning license information will overwrite any existing name, age, date of birth, or gender data previously entered.

Tap on the DL Scan button in the Patient section.

To scan a drivers license for an existing Patient Channel, tap on the DL Scan button in the Patient section.

Scan the barcode on the back of the driver’s license.

Tips for Scanning:

  • Ensure you are scanning the back of the license
  • Scan the barcode under a good light source (NOTE: in iOS a flash option is available that can be used in low light conditions)
  • If the barcode does not scan, try moving the phone slowly closer and then farther away from the license. Repeat until the scan is successful.

  • Vary the distance between your phone camera and the license. A good starting point is to place your phone 4”-5” away from the physical license.
  • Tap on the screen where the barcode appears, if your camera is not scanning.
  • Verify your camera lens is clean.
  • If having trouble scanning, try rotating your license barcode to be vertical.
  • Some driver’s licenses have multiple barcodes.  The correct barcode should look like the style below.

When the scan is successful, the barcode will appear with a green outline and a green checkmark in Pulsara and the Patient Channel will be populated with the First and Last Name, Date of Birth, Age, and Gender.