Agency Details in Pulsara MANAGER

In this tutorial, we'll walk through how to edit Agency Details in Pulsara MANAGER. 

As an admin, you can customize and modify details about your EMS/Ambulance Agency, including contact phone numbers, location, and more. Many of these fields will be pre-configured for you upon the initial setup of Pulsara in cooperation with your agency’s project manager.

To update details, navigate to Agency Details on the left side menu under the EMS tab.

This page will allow you to customize details, such as phone numbers, location, password policy, and other information. 

Modify these sections by clicking the Edit button at the top right corner of the page, or by clicking Edit within a section header.

Moving down the screen, you will find that you can update your Mobile Login Duration policy.

This setting is where you determine how long a user may remain logged in. Once login duration expires, a user must log in using their username & password.

Remaining logged in allows a user to access the mobile app using their 4-digit PIN instead of repeatedly entering their username and password. If a user navigates away from the mobile app, they will be required to enter their PIN to regain access once the PIN expiration time has passed.

You can set this mobile login duration for 1 day up to Indefinite. The 1 day duration will log the user out and require a username/password login every 24hours. The indefinite setting allows a user to indefinitely access Pulsara using their 4-digit PIN unless the user logs out of their account manually.

In addition to login duration, you can configure password policy rules.

To enable a password policy, change the Enable Password Expiration radio button to Yes and set the Max Password Age. This setting will require users to update their password at the frequency you define.

Within the Other section, you can set your operating range. This information helps determine how hospitals are listed in the Destination Hospital dropdown list in the mobile app. If you are linked to a hospital outside of this operating range, your end users will still have the ability to choose the hospital. 

Click the blue Save button to save your changes.

You may find that you are unable to configure certain fields. If changes to those fields are necessary, please reach out to your Pulsara Customer Services Team at We will be happy to assist you.