Convert a Consult to a Transfer


After creating a Consult, either the original facility or the facility being consulted can convert the Consult to a Transfer.

Open the Patient channel and scroll to the Requests Section.

If you need to communicate with the team at the other facility about this patient, tap the “Contact” button.

You’ll be directed to the Team Alerts screen showing the care team at the other facility.

Here you have the option to initiate a voice or Pulsara video call with the facility being consulted.

Tap ‘Back’ in the upper left corner to return to the patient screen.

Tap the “Convert to Transfer” button in the Requests section.

Note: The Convert to Transfer button will not appear for either the originating or receiving facility until ED Arrival Time has been set at the originating facility.

A prompt will appear confirming the request.

Tap “Convert”.

After converting the consult to a transfer, the “Not Answered” button will appear to the right of the “Accept Transfer” field for the receiving facility.

The button will flash until the Transfer has been accepted. The Requests area will update to show a pending transfer request.

The Patient List will update with the patient either appearing in the Inbound or Outbound Transfer Requested section, depending on which facility is viewing the patient.

To see the steps to complete the Patient Transfer, please see How to Accept a Transfer Request.

Click here for more information on how to initiate a Consult or Transfer in Pulsara HQ