Audio Clips in Pulsara Mobile

All team members on the channel can replay the audio clips on demand to ensure clarity and understanding.

Patient notes, dictation, and confirming patient demographics are other ways that audio clips can be used to enhance the pre-registration process and communication.

To get started, tap the Audio button from the Floating Action Button (FAB). Audio Clips can be added during or after patient creation.


Tap the plus button in the lower right corner to add a new audio clip.

Then select audio clip from the patient data. 

Then tap the Record button when ready.



Tap the Stop button to end the recording.

To play back the clip, tap the play button on the right side. To toggle between the in-ear speaker and speakerphone mode, tap the volume icon in the lower left corner.


Tap Save to save the clip to the Patient Channel.

Tap Back in the upper left corner to return to the Patient Channel.


The total number of clips added to the Patient Channel will appear as a number on the Audio button.

Troubleshooting - Low connectivity bandwidth? 


Once an audio clip is uploaded a green success message confirms the clip(s) has been successfully attached to the channel. 


The new audio clip will appear on the audio clip screen. 

If the upload fails, Pulsara will send a notification message giving the option to Retry. Tap Retry when internet connectivity has been re-established. If you select cancel the file will be lost.