How to Add a Flowchart Note in HQ and Web for EMS

Click the view patient details button (the “...” button) for the patient in the list.

Click + Add in the patient details panel and select Flowchart Notes from the button menu. 

The Time field will auto-populate to the current date and time, however, this field can be edited. 

A template can be added from the Template drop-down list, but is not required. Templates are configured by Pulsara Admins. For information on how to configure a Flowchart Note template, check out this KB article.

If using a template, the title, body text, and Alert team checkbox will auto-populate based on the configuration of the template in Pulsara MANAGER. This information can be updated as needed prior to saving.

If forgoing a template, a Note may still be added. A note Title is required, but the Body is optional. 

The example on the left below shows a template selected with pre-filled text for the Body field. This example shows how a pre-defined template might utilize parenthesis to allow selection options in the template. 

The example on the right does not use a template. When this course is followed the note Title and Body can be specified manually.

Optionally enter the details of your Note in the Body section.

Before saving, you can choose to send a push notification alert to the team when this note is saved by checking the “Alert Team” box. This checkbox may be automatically selected if a template has been selected.

Click Save to attach your Note to the patient channel. If the “Alert team” checkbox is checked, all team members on the care team for the patient will be alerted about the new note.

After a note is added, it may no longer be valid or correct based on the evolving condition of the patient. If a Note is no longer valid, tap to open the note. Select Mark Invalid.

Once a note is marked invalid, it continues to appear on the Flowchart Notes panel for the patient channel but will appear with a “Invalid” label.