Multiple Facility Access in Pulsara HQ

To use multi-facility accounts in Pulsara HQ, you must be on at least one team that has the HQ permission enabled by Pulsara.

Log in to HQ using your account that is approved at multiple Pulsara facilities. Once you are logged in, the top of the patient list displays a menu of available facilities in alphabetical order. 

 Regardless of the facility that was selected when you last logged out, the patient list of the first facility in the menu will be displayed.

Click on the desired facility from the drop down menu.

Selecting a facility in HQ updates the list of patients to show those for the selected facility. Any new patient channels created from HQ will be created for the selected facility. 

View Patients for Multiple Facilities Simultaneously

If desired, you may view and update patients for multiple facilities by opening multiple HQ browser tabs. 

Log in to Pulsara HQ at one facility.

Right click on the browser tab and choose Duplicate or Duplicate Tab (Microsoft Edge).

In the new tab, select the facility name to change the facility being viewed.

When finished, each tab will have a different facility open, and the name of each facility will appear in the tab title.

HQ Patient alerts for multiple facilities

Pulsara HQ will display alerts for new patients for any of your facilities, even if you are not currently viewing the patient list for one of those facilities.

For example, if you work at Hospital A and Hospital B and are currently viewing the patient list for Hospital A, you may receive a new patient alert for Hospital B. In this case, HQ will automatically open a new browser tab displaying the list of patients for Hospital B once the alert is clicked, including the new patient in a flashing row. 

When multiple tabs are open and a new patient alert is received for one of those facilities, the tab for that facility will show a numerical indicator indicating the number of unacknowledged patients for the facility. I.e. “(1) Luna Hospital”. Once the patient row for the new patient is clicked, the tab will update to remove the unacknowledged patient indicator.