Accepting a Transfer on Mobile


When a facility sends you a Transfer request, a Pulsara notification will be sent to all members who are on call for your team that is subscribed for transfer requests.

If you are the facility receiving the transfer request, acknowledge the Transfer Requested alert to let the team at the requesting facility know you’re aware of the incoming patient.  If you miss the alert, you can find and open the patient later in the Patient List under the “Inbound Transfer Requested” section.


Once viewing the Patient, scroll to the Requests sections and Tap Not Answered to either accept or reject the transfer request. 

Tap Accept in the pop-up menu.


If your facility has event-based alerting set up for transfers in Pulsara MANAGER, tapping Accept will notify team members at both facilities that your hospital accepted the transfer.


After accepting the transfer, the status in the Requests area will update to “Accepted” and the patient will appear in the “Inbound Transfer Accepted” section of the patient list.

Once you have confirmed the transfer patient has arrived at your facility, set ED Arrival Time accordingly. 


Once ED Arrival Time is set, the Transfer request will appear as “Completed” for both the transferring and receiving facilities.


Note: Whether you are with the transferring facility or accepting facility, the transfer feature should be used alongside your facility’s current transfer process.