How do I view Hospital Availability?

Hospital availability will allow your teams to see critical details about a facility’s capability to accept patients. Prior to choosing a destination, these details will allow your team to make a more informed decision. 

Viewing Hospital Availability when choosing a Destination

The screen below shows an example of various ED Availability information that a Destination may specify.

An icon will indicate status (green, yellow, red, or closed), and a comment will appear to the right of the status icon.

If a facility has not specified Availability information, the facility will still be listed with distance and drive time, but will not list Availability.

Viewing Hospital Availability from the Navigation Menu

Tap the icon in the upper right corner, then choose Hospital Availability from the menu.

The initial linked Hospital Availability list will display facilities that are common recipients of your patients.

To see additional hospitals, tap “By Location” to see a larger list or to change the search area for facilities.

To change the search area, tap Change Search Area. This view allows searching for facilities in a new location by typing a city or state in the Search Map box or dragging the crosshairs to the location desired. Tap Search to see a facility list for the new search area.