Silence alerts for individual cases

Pulsara alerts can be turned off in two different ways:

  • Using the alert bell in a Patient Channel
  • From a Pulsara alert 

Both options to turn off alerts will only turn off alerts for a single patient, and other patients in Pulsara will remain unchanged.

Turning off alerts in a Patient Channel

Tap the Bell Icon

In the upper right-hand corner of each patient case, you will find a small "Bell" icon.

Slide Toggle

Tapping the "Bell" icon will reveal the "My Notifications" toggle switch. Slide the toggle switch to turn your notifications off.

Alerts Off

You should now notice that the "Bell" icon has a slash through it. This indicates that alerts for this patient have been turned off.

Turning off alerts from a patient alert

Did you receive an alert about a patient and you are:

  • Busy with another patient?
  • Unable to join the care team?
  • Finished with your portion of patient care?

Optionally turn off alerts for a patient when a notification arrives!

Stopping Alerts on iOS

Note: On iOS, some alerts may be grouped, and the option detailed below won’t be visible unless each alert is viewed individually.

When patient alerts appear in iOS, press and hold on the alert for a moment.

An option will display: Turn off alerts for this patient.  Tap this option to stop future alerts for this patient.

Stopping Alerts on Android

When a patient alert arrives, expand the alert to see options without opening Pulsara.

Depending on your specific device, the Mute option may already be visible. Otherwise, a swipe down on the lock screen, tapping the alert’s arrow, a long press, or another method may be used to expand the alert.

Tap the Mute option to stop alerts for this patient.

Things to Know About Stopping Alerts

  • This can be done for primary or secondary alerts
  • This can be done with the app in any state including foreground, background, and device lock screen
  • Turning off / Muting notifications prevents additional notifications from being received (seen or heard) for this patient
  • Notifications can be turned off without ever viewing the patient related to the notification
  • When a Pulsara user turns off patient notifications from an alert, they will appear with a green checkmark on the Team Screen. In this case, the green checkmark indicates that an alert was received and that the Pulsara user is aware of the patient. The green checkmark does not necessarily mean the user is part of the patient care team. Because the user has turned off notifications for this patient, they appear with a yellow bell with a slash through it to let other team members know they are not receiving notifications for this channel.

  • After turning off alerts for a patient, hospital users responsible for acknowledging EMS cases will continue to receive 5 minute reminder alerts if the patient has not been activated.
  • To turn alerts back on for the patient, open the patient channel, tap the alert bell in the upper-right corner and slide the toggle to On.