How Do I Add or View the EMS Patient ID?

EMS Patient IDs can be added to the patient case during creation, while editing a case, or after a case has been stopped.

If an ePCR integration has been configured with Pulsara, entering the Patient ID is essential to match the patient between systems.

The label for the Patient Record ID (eg: Call Number, Run Number, Incident Number) can be selected in Pulsara Manager to match agency needs.

How to add the Patient ID when creating the patient:

On the new patient screen, enter the ID number in the associated box. The label on the box will match the agency configuration. The example below uses the “Call #” label for the patient ID.

How to Add the Patient ID after creating the patient:

At the top of the patient screen, tap on the Edit button.

On the editing screen, enter the data into the top field and tap save. The example below uses the “Call #” label for the record ID.

After saving the changes, the Patient ID will appear at the top of the Patient screen.

Facilities can view the EMS Record ID to assist with patient reference.

Tap on the Transport record in the Requests section and the ID will be visible on the following screen.