Flowchart Notes in Pulsara Mobile

Flowchart Notes is a flexible tool to capture relevant chronological information within a patient channel.

This feature allows adding Notes that can be entirely free-form or based on pre-defined templates containing prompts for common treatment questions.

Every entry is logged with a timestamp and the name of the entity who added the note, enhancing tracing and accountability.

With admin access, templates can be created and updated in Pulsara MANAGER under the Flowcharts section for any type of facility. Read to learn more about creating and updating Flowchart Notes Templates in Puslara Manager.


To add a Flowchart Note, open any active patient channel, and tap the “+” FAB icon.

Next, select the Flowchart Note icon. 

On the note creation screen, you have the option to create a freeform note, or choose from the template options.

A time field displays with the current time, but may be adjusted to capture the correct time for the note.

Optionally alert the care team once the Note is saved, by selecting or deselecting the “Alert teams once this note is saved” checkbox. The checkbox may default to checked or unchecked based on the configuration of the selected template.

When creating a Note without a template, only the Title is required. Add additional information to the Body field as needed.

If creating the note using a template, the Body text may be left as is or edited as needed.

Tap Save in the upper right when ready.

If the “Alert teams once this note is saved” checkbox is checked for this Note, all care team members will receive a push notification.

After saving, Notes will appear in the patient channel in the Flowchart - Notes section, along with a timestamp and the name of the organization that added the note.

Notes added in mobile can also be viewed in Pulsara HQ under the Patient Details panel.

Editing Notes

Tap a note on the patient channel to open it for editing.

Notes added by your organization are fully editable if you need to make changes.  Simply make desired changes and tap Save.

If a Note is uneditable, this means that another organization has created the Note using a template that is not publicly editable.

The uneditable (private) Note will appear with each field grayed out.

Marking Notes as Invalid

If a Note is added to the wrong patient, or otherwise does not apply to the patient, it can be marked invalid.

Open the Note and tap “Mark Invalid”. A confirmation will appear.  Tap YES.

After marking the Note invalid, it will appear with a strikethrough in the Flowchart Note section of the patient channel.