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Federated Authentication Mobile Log In

This article will walk you through logging in with the Pulsara Mobile App when your facility has an identity provider configured for centralized log in.

Logging in for the first time on Mobile:

  • Step 1 - Open your work email from a mobile device. 
  • Step 2 - If you have not already installed Pulsara, tap the link in the email you received to install the Pulsara for iOS or Android.

IMG_0295 app download links

  • Step 3 - After Pulsara is installed, tap on the one-time setup link in the Pulsara user activation email below. If prompted to choose a browser on your iOS device, choose Safari to open the link. On Android, select your default browser, Chrome, or Firefox.

IMG_0295 mobile pretty link

Step 4 - When your mobile browser opens, tap the Launch Pulsara button.

IMG_0297 new launch Pulsara button

Step 5 - Tap Open when prompted.


Step 6 (iOS only) - The Pulsara application will open and ask if you would like to "Add 'Hospital/EMS agency name as an identity provider?".  Tap on the Add button.

FA_Add Hospital Mobile

By tapping on the Add button, your identity provider's information will automatically be loaded into the log in screen. 

This is a one time action and you will not have to do this again unless you remove the identity provider information by pressing on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 7 - You are now ready to log in to Pulsara using your identity provider.  Tap the Get Started button. 

FA_Sign in Mobile

A quick prompt will appear confirming that you would like to log in with your designated identity provider.  Tap Continue.

FA_Continue Mobile

Step 8 - You will then be directed to your organization’s identity provider log in screen where you will need to enter your Username and Password.  The following example is using Microsoft Azure.

FA_IDP Mobile

Step 9 - Once you have entered your identity provider's credentials, you will then be directed back to the Pulsara application where you will be logged in automatically.

TIP: After these setups steps are complete, logging in to the Pulsara mobile app is as simple as launching the app, selecting your entities’ IDP from the selection menu and tapping Get Started.