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Federated Authentication Browser App Login

This article will walk you through logging in with the Pulsara Browser App when your facility has an identity provider configured for centralized log in.

This log in method would be used by Admins, those using Pulsara HQ, or EMS medics creating patients in the Browser App.

In order to log in to the Pulsara Browser App, you will need to use the Web Log in URL that was shown to you at the end of the Pulsara account creation process. If you didn't capture that URL, no problem! The URL can be obtained in the Pulsara user activation email as shown below.

If using the Pulsara User activation email to find the Pulsara web log in URL, click on the log in to Pulsara web app link.

IMG_0295 pulsara web login link-arrow

Once you click on this link, it will navigate you to a confirmation page.  

Click on Get Started and it will redirect you to your Identity Provider login. 

FA_web login

You'll be prompted to enter your Identity Provider’s login to continue (Microsoft Azure is the example below.)


Once you successfully log in to your External Identity Provider, you will be taken back to Pulsara Browser App and you will be automatically logged in.

Tip for Pulsara Admins

If any time you need the Web Log in link to share with your staff, it can be found on your Hospital/EMS agency details page, on the Identity Provider screen located in Pulsara MANAGER.