EMS Acuity Level

What is the EMS Acuity Feature and how does it work?

With the release of version 10.4, EMS users now have the ability to specify their patient’s acuity level so that the hospital team can prepare appropriately for the patient’s condition upon arrival.  Once enabled, the Acuity field will be set by EMS and will be viewable by all users on the EMS card on the General and Trauma patients modules. To enable Acuity Level for your department, contact your Pulsara Admin.

Acuity levels can be added to any Trauma or General Patient case. Acuity levels are selected by the EMS Pulsara Admin. A full list of Acuity levels are as follows:

  • Critical, Emergent, Low, Dead
  • Priority 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Code 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Code 3, Code 1
  • Emergency, Non-Emergency

Once the system admin enables this feature, open up a General Patient or Trauma case and you will see the new Acuity Levels field. Simply tap on the level you want for that particular patient and thats it. All set. You will notice that the NEMSIS code will also be listed along side the Acuity Label for all patient list screens.