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Communicating in Pulsara

Pulsara is a communications platform that enables patient-centric communication throughout the patient journey.

Pulsara is all about communications when you have a patient encounter. In short there are two primary methods for communication in Pulsara: attaching information to the patient channel or real-time conversation.

Attach information to the patient channel

Attaching information to the patient channel allows all team members to view and access the information at their convenience. This method is incredibly effective for communicating information that the entire care team needs to know. 

Case Details

Case details are fields and buttons within the case that allow you to quickly communicate patient information to the entire care team.

These fields include:

  • Location information such as room number
  • Demographics such as date of birth, age, gender, height and weight
  • Tests & Assessments such as Vital Signs, Labs and Stroke Scores
  • Time Stamps such as At Patient, ETA, Last Known Well, Door Time or Stop Time
  • Contact Information for Witnesses or Family Members
  • Toggles for key information such as CT/CTA Complete & Cath Lab Ready

When case details are updated, the entire care team will receive a push notification. 


Images are a powerful way to communicate key information via the Pulsara patient channel. Examples of Images that can be added are:

  • ECG
  • Drivers License
  • Medication List
  • Scene Photos

Both EMS and Hospital team members can add images to the case with just a tap.

NOTE: Photos taken through the Pulsara application are never stored in your camera roll.

Audio Clips

Audio clips are voice recordings that are saved to the case for consumption by the care team. These clips can be added by anyone on the care team.

Team Messaging

Similar to a group text thread, team messaging allows for back-and-forth communication with the entire care team. For information that is communicated regularly, consider having an Admin at your organization (Hospital or EMS) build a template message. Template messages allow you to share detailed information with just a tap and they are completely customizable for your facility. Visit How to Use Team Messaging for more details.


Flowchart Notes is a flexible tool to capture relevant chronological information within a patient channel.

This feature allows adding Notes that can be entirely free form or based on pre-defined templates containing prompts for common treatment questions. Every entry is logged with a timestamp and the name of the entity who added the note, enhancing tracing and accountability. Visit our How to add Flowchart/Notes article for more details.

Attaching information to the patient channel is an excellent way to update the entire care team but there are still situations when you may need to have an in-depth conversation with another provider

Real-time conversation

Pulsara provides two options for real-time conversation: Phone calls and Video Calls. Initiating a real-time conversation is valuable in situations where an extended conversation is needed or a provider needs to get eyes on a patient.

Should you need to connect with a team member directly, locate the team member on the Team Alert or Update Team screen. 

To connect by phone, tap the phone icon. For capable devices, this icon will launch the phone application. For all other devices, this icon will provide you with the phone number of the selected team member.

For details on how to connect by video, visit Pulsara Calling with Video Conferencing: iOS or Android