Common EMS Message Templates

Template messages are designed to save team members valuable time during critical care emergencies. With just the tap of a button, vital information can be communicated across the entire care team. This is not a comprehensive list and input from local Hospital partners should be considered. 

Visit How to Create a Template Message for EMS Admins for detailed instructions. 



Advanced Airway

Patient is intubated/or another advanced airway inserted.

Cardiac Arrest

Patient has gone into cardiac arrest. CPR is in progress. Starting ACLS protocols.

Chest Pain Protocol

Patient has received ASA, NTG, O2, 12 lead, IV.


Use of CPAP in progress.

Critically Unstable Patient

Patient is critically unstable, being resuscitated. Please be prepared for critical patient.

Destination Change

Patient diverted to another hospital.

Helicopter Transport

STEMI patient is being transported by helicopter.

Security Assistance

Need security assistance at the ambulance upon arrival.


Sepsis Alert.

Transport Delay

Transport delayed due to traffic, weather, or mechanical issues.