Add Members to a Patient Channel

Team members can be added to a patient channel in two different ways. 

Automated (Event-Based)

Event-based assignment works well in situations where the workflow and response team is clearly defined and predictable. Team members are automatically added to the patient channel when predetermined events take place. Events can be split into two categories: patient-specific events and patient channel type (i.e., stroke, STEMI, sepsis, etc.) events. 

Examples of Patient-Specific Events

  • Case Activation
  • Transfer Request
  • Transfer Acceptance

Examples of Patient Channel Type Events

  • Trauma Level
  • CT/CTA Completion
  • Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO) identification

By leveraging event-based assignment, we can automate the alerting process, mobilizing needed resources with a simple tap. Event-based assignment settings are configured by Pulsara. If you need assistance understanding what has been configured, please contact us

Manual (Direct Assignment)

Adding members to a patient channel via direct assignment provides flexibility to bring teams or individuals into a channel as needed. 

To direct assign a team or individual, navigate to the Team Screen and tap Update.

On this screen a list of response teams will be listed. 

Tapping the down arrow next to a team will display a list of team members assigned to that team. 

Locate the team or individual that needs to be direct assigned. If there are members currently toggled on call, a white checkbox next to this team will be available. Tapping this checkbox will notify all members currently toggled on call. 

If assignment of a team member other than those on call is needed, tap the checkbox next to the individual’s name and tap save. 

The system will ask for confirmation. 

The new Team or Individual will receive a notification and the Team Screen will be updated to display the new team members.